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December is quickly slipping away! And, the new year is on the horizon. Everyone who reads our blog this year would know that we wrote a lot of articles. From market updates to buying and selling tips, there’s been something for everyone. In lieu of the end of 2022, we decided to do a year-end recap of our blog content. This way you can catch up on any missed posts.

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Winter and Spring Recap.

Jan – Bidding War for Homes in Kelowna BC

When 2022 finally arrived, the housing market was at an all-time low. This article goes over the 2022 market outlook, December housing stats, and more. Check it out and reflect upon the past year!

Feb – Vacation Homes in Kelowna

At the beginning of 2022, many people were moving into their vacation homes to prioritize their mental health during a such dark time. Learn more about this, here. 

Mar – Affordable Houses in Kelowna Hard to Find.

Many folks living in B.C. and Ontario experienced an extreme lack of affordability during 2022. In the early months, it became apparent that the market imbalance was just the tip of the iceberg for the housing crisis. Check out this article now!

Apr – Renovate Homes for Sale in Kelowna!

Curb appeal is everything when it comes to selling your home. For buyers, a great first impression can make or break the deal. In this article, we focussed on the best window styles to make your home look shiny and new.

May – Are Smaller Units the Answer to Creating Affordable Housing in Kelowna?

If you’ve ever looked at purchasing housing in Kelowna, you’d know that finding something affordable is a rarity. However, developers seem to be at work with a new type of housing in Kelowna. For more information about this project, check out this article!

Summer and Fall Property in Kelowna Recap.

June – Are Kelowna Homes for Sale on The Decline?

After two years of steady price increases, Kelowna homes for sale reached a high average price. However, after such a long upward trajectory, the climb could not continue. Learn more about the June price drop in Kelowna real estate, here. 

July – New Real Estate for Sale in Kelowna!

Kelowna is home to a booming real estate market and new developments seem to be popping up everywhere. One of the newest building proposals is turning the heads of Kelowna residents. Learn more about the new building in the works near Kelowna’s Gyro Beach, here. 

Aug – Climate Change Concerns With Properties in Kelowna.

Climate change is becoming a factor in people’s decisions to purchase real estate. For more information on how the weather is impacting the local real estate market, check out this article.

Sept – Kelowna Properties For Sale Cooling Off?

Once prices had dropped, many buyers were asking the question: is now the right time to buy a home? In this article, we answered this question and provided advice on how to be successful as a seller in such a strange market.

Oct – New Mortgage Broker Rules to Affect Houses in Kelowna.

At the beginning of October, new rules surrounding the Mortgage Brokers Act in British Columbia were proposed. If these laws get passed, those purchasing houses in Kelowna and surrounding British Columbia cities will be affected. Learn more here. 

Nov – Recreational Properties at Big White!

Are you in the market for a recreational property? If yes, consider buying a place at Big White! Big White is a family-friendly ski resort in the winter and a mountain bike park in the summer. Learn more about living at Big White now!

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