Historical Single Family Days to Sell, Units Sold, New + Active Listings

Check out this chart on historical Single Family Days to Sell, Units Sold, and New + Active Listings. It’s like a secret weapon for making smart real estate moves in Kelowna.

Use it to tweak your pricing game – for example, if Days to Sell is a breeze and Units Sold are flying off the shelves, you might snag a higher price. But if things are dragging, consider a more wallet-friendly offer. Keep an eye on New + Active Listings to know if you’re diving into a sea of competitors or if it’s smooth sailing with less inventory. Time your listings like a pro by spotting peak seasons and market shifts.

Investors, this data is your crystal ball for finding growth spots and stable bets. Predict future sales like a champ by glancing at historical Units Sold. And when it comes to haggling, whether you’re buying or selling, this intel gives you the upper hand. From deciding where to invest to nailing the perfect listing time, this chart isn’t just data – it’s your real estate playbook.

Dive in, and make moves that count in the ever-changing world of Kelowna real estate!