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Kelowna’s Hilbert&Crick Real Estate Group Is Winning Prestigious Awards and Community Recognition

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Kelowna, BC - May 9, 2024 - The Hilbert&Crick Real Estate Group, led by Becky Hilbert and Dallas Crick, continues to carve out a remarkable legacy in Canada's real estate landscape. Their recent accolades and community recognition underscore…
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Kelowna’s Real Estate Market Reacts to Becoming the Fastest-Growing City in Canada

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Kelowna's real estate landscape finds itself at a crossroads, shaped by immigration, short-term rental restrictions, and pressing affordability concerns. The city's robust population growth, becoming the fastest-growing Census Metropolitan…
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Navigating Real Estate in WildFire-Affected Areas of Kelowna: Advice for Sellers and Buyers

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Kelowna wildfire 2023 Wildfires can have a devastating impact on communities, affecting not only lives and landscapes but also the real estate market. For sellers and buyers in Kelowna and West Kelowna fire-affected areas, navigating the…
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The Impact of Interest Rates on Kelowna Real Estate: Exploring the Dynamics

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Introduction The real estate market in Kelowna, British Columbia, has long been a subject of interest for both investors and homebuyers alike. With its picturesque landscapes, attractive climate, and growing economy, it's no wonder that…