Discover Our Calculators + How They Can Add Intelligence To Your Home Buying Journey!

Using mortgage tools can significantly streamline the home buying process and ensure you make informed financial decisions. Learn more below about each calculator below, and then use the calculator to help you determine your needs.

The purchase calculator helps you determine your total monthly cost and the minimum required down payment, enabling you to budget effectively.

The mortgage calculator offers a comprehensive, user-friendly interface packed with features designed to simplify the Canadian mortgage landscape, making it easier for you to understand your financial commitments. By comparing up to four different scenarios side by side, you can see which mortgage option best suits your financial situation, ensuring you choose the most affordable and beneficial plan.

The maximum mortgage calculator and the closing costs estimator provide valuable insights into your purchasing power and the associated expenses.

The maximum mortgage tool uses an affordability slider to help you gauge the highest mortgage amount you can comfortably manage, while the closing costs calculator breaks down all necessary expenses, including transfer taxes and potential rebates for first-time buyers.

The property transfer tax calculator and required income estimator further enhance your financial planning by calculating taxes and assessing the income needed for various mortgage sizes.

The debt service calculator delivers precise calculations of debt service ratios, giving you a clear picture of your financial health and ability to manage mortgage payments.