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Kelowna real estate news

Extra, extra! Read all about Kelowna real estate news right here on our blog! Each month we share tips, advice and information about the central Okanagan real estate market. In addition you’ll get the latest neighbourhood guides, market statistics and blog articles in one central location. We’ll be sharing tips like how to prepare your home for sale in Kelowna and how to choose the best real estate team for the job. Spoiler alert – it’s us! We’re the best real estate team in Kelowna!

Whatever’s happening in the local real estate market on the ground will be featured here on our website. In other words, this is the place to visit when you want to learn more about real estate for sale in Kelowna. Alternatively, you can also visit us on Instagram. We regularly feature recently sold listings and updates over on our social media accounts. We would love to have you along for the ride!

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Before You Co-Sign a Mortgage

So you’re thinking about co-signing on a mortgage? Great, let’s talk about what that looks like. Although it’s nice to be in a position to help someone qualify for a mortgage, it’s not a decision that you should make lightly. Co-signing a mortgage could have a significant impact on your financial future. Here are some…

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Pay Down Your Mortgage Faster

Being a homeowner is excellent, having a huge mortgage isn’t. So, if you have a mortgage that you’re looking to get rid of as quickly as possible, here are four things you should consider doing. Accelerate your payments Making the change from monthly payments to accelerated bi-weekly payments is one of the easiest ways you…

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Downpayment Options

Your downpayment refers to the initial payment you make when buying a property through mortgage financing. A downpayment is always required when purchasing, because in Canada, lenders are only allowed to lend up to 95% of the property value, leaving you with the need to come up with at least 5% for a downpayment. In…

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